Manage your jewellery billing and accounts with Online Munim
GST billing software

Software has been designed for small to large scale businesses having multi branches or stores. In Online Munim, you can manage stock/inventory with bar-code or RFID tags, send SMS, create invoices, track sale and orders, credit or debit notes, daily expenses, GST & accounting reports and much more.

Accessible, Convenient & Manageable

User-friendly, feature-rich, and highly functional
Maintain your inventory and accounts with a few clicks. Earn high profits from your jewellery business.!

Barcode & RFID Tags

Your software and data will remain safe as we use different barcodes containing an alphanumeric barcode generation system.

Jewellery Insurance

You can provide insured jewelleries and ornaments to your customers. Our software lets you deal with an insurance company offering jewellery insurance.

Stock Managment

Manage your silver, gold, and other jewellery stock. Our software lets you deal with different categories and subcategories and add VA% and other details.

Order Managment

Automate the order process with our jewellery software. You can reallocate items and save time.

SMS/WA Messages

Send messages instantly to your customers using our software dashboard. Send important information to your customers

Customer/Visitor Management

You will get detailed information about your customers and visitors. Everything is manageable from one dashboard. 

Karigar Managment

Have you employed goldsmiths for your jewellery business? Then, manage the work details and personal information of each of the karigars.

Bhav Cut/ NO Cut

Enjoy effortless payment through metal. The Ledger accounts are manageable with your metal balance. Based on the received payments and cash balance, you can do it. 

Stock Report

Get the product stock summary in a comprehensive report. You can learn about the product carat, purity, item code, and other details. 

Finger Scan / Bio Metric

We have tried to make our jewellery software more secure with Biometric technology. Using the finger scanning system, you can start using our software.

Loyalty Point

Provide your loyal customers with loyalty points. The software will automatically offer these points to your customers.

Ecommerce Integration

Do you like to sell your jewellery through eCommerce platform? Integrate a platform into this custom software.

Monthly Saving Scheme

How much have you saved and earned profit from your jewellery business? Our software lets you create a saving scheme.

Money Lending Girvi

Using this feature, you can make jewellery-amount transactions, attach photos with your transaction, and manage Girvi transfers.


You can find separate cash-cheque rates and connect live metal rates. Moreover, stock management also becomes easy.

Most secured Online Cloud Based Software.
Trusted by Many Customers over Different Countries and Multiple Languages



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