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Online Munim provides Jewellery Software, Money Lending Software, Girvi Software, Retail Accounting and Billing Software and Small ‐ Large Scale Business Accounting Software. We provide best possible solutions with latest technology to our customers to run their business more effectively. Our products have wide range of features including accounting, customer management, inventory management and other business transactions.

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Features Overview

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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

No need to worry about accounting knowledge. Online Munim programs do all the accounting work in backend. You only need to focus on your business, software will automatically manage all the transaction's and on one click it will generate all necessary reports.

Weighing Scale

Weighing Scale Software

With help of automatically weighing scale feature you can save your lot of time. While adding ornament inventory or stock, you no need to enter the weight of the ornament, it will automatically read the gross weight of the ornament and store in software.

Hindi Date

Vikram Samvat Hindi Date

Online Munim provide Vikram Samvat Hindi Date like Prathma, Dutiya or Chaitra, Baisakh months option, while adding or release loans. Software will automatically calculate the time period between start and end dates. It is most exclusive feature which you will not find in other software's.

Jewellery Analysis

Stock Analysis & Reports

Analysis and reports are essential part of any business. In Online Munim you will get customized reports like jewellery stock list, sell and purchase analysis, profit & loss reports and much more according to your customized options, which will help your business growth.

Customer Management

Customer Management

CRM is the key of any business, in online munim you can add customer's detailed information like customer photo's, customer circle, related documents and much more. In customer home page you can see all the transactions which are pending or closed.

Finger Scan

Finger Scan Feature

Finding customer's account is very easy and fast with finger scan feature. Biometric finger print scanner provide you fast identification and secure verification feature to protect your business, you can avoid unauthorized access for the software.

Accounting Features

Accounting Features

Online Munim loaded with all accounting features like balance sheet, trial balance report, profit & loss reports and journal book. Best thing in online munim, you can add all type of business transactions without having accounting knowledge.


Secure & Fast Processing

OMUNIM jewellery software and retail accounting software provides easy & fast billing and data security with auto backup facility. We provide you full time support with regular software updates and full customized staff privilege access.

Online or Offline

Online or Offline

Online munim software is the only software in India, which provides you real online and offline accounting software. You can access software anywhere in the world on any device like android tablet's, phone's, LINUX or MAC systems etc.

Jewellery Software

omgold jewellery software

Why Online Munim Jewellery Software?

Online Munim provides you all that you need for your jewellery business. With the help of this software you can send promotional SMS to your customer's, add stock or inventory, create customized invoices, track staff sales and access, supplier stock and orders, all expenses, business reports & accounting and much more...

jewellery barcode

Jewellery Tags or Bar-Codes

We provide different size of barcode tag's for jewellery stock, you can print tag's by thermal printer or laser printer.

jewellery supplier

Supplier and Karigar Management

You can easily add/update/delete suppliers or karigars, also maintain the total gold, silver or cash balance and deposit's.

ornament ring

Jewellery Stock with Images

In online munim jewellery software you can add jewellery stock with item images, customer can easily select the item by seeing the images.


Retail & Wholesale Management

Online munim designed for retails as well as whole sale business, in whole-sale you can sell stock in bulk quantity.

Money Lending Software

omloan money lending software

Rank#1 Software for Girvi or Money Lending

OMREVO easily manage customer records as well as money lending loans inventory. It provides you stock register, daily transactions report, accounting reports, monthly or annually analysis, loss loan list, transfer loan's to third party, udhaar amount management, loan release & auction option and much more.

Girvi Software

Girvi or Loan's Management

You can easily check active, release or loss loan list, daily loan transactions, loan ledger, form 8 and 7, customized notices, unsecured loan's and much more.

Loan Transfer

Third Party Loan's Transfer

Third party or money lender loan transfer handle by online munim by easily. You can check all the active or released transactions of money lender on single click.

Additional Principal

Additional Principal & Money Deposit

On one loan entry, you can provide more loan amount to the customer. We provide different money deposit features like loan date change or simply money deposit options.


SMS Notification's Feature

You can send promotional and transactional SMS messages to your customers. On one click you can send SMS to your all customer's and also check the SMS log report.

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